A Strong Future For Healthcare with Blockchain

In the past year , blockchain is around NFTs used on a consumer level. The true potential of blockchain come in securing and powering many mundane. A blockchain inherent the benefit of accuracy, security and accessibility make it practical choice for digital records in the world. It helps data driven hospital staffing decision from individual medical records. The healthcare industry has valuable use many cases for blockchain.

Why use Blockchain for Healthcare?

Blockchain has wide range of applications that is using in healthcare. This technology facilitates secure transfer of medical records of patient. Blockchain technology manage medicine supply chain and help healthcare researchers. By using this technology, organization can be able to share healthcare data while ensuring data security and privacy of patient.

5 Healthcare Use Cases for Blockchain:

1. Medical record:

In digital medical records, blockchain is an ideal platform in healthcare industry. Medical records need long term accessibility and accuracy, and each records need blockchain that is able to transfer easily between companies, specialists and insurance. Medical records can be securely updated in real time and this updates visible to parties.

2. Insurance:

Medical records are always interwined with insurance. In digital health insurance space, blockchain can address a number of security concern. Here, Accuracy, long term records and transferability are the key components same as health record. Blockchain can deliver services for digital healthcare needs and create single source of truth for insurance providers.

3. Credential Verification:

Blockchain can be used to track medical professionals experience. Healthcare organizations and medical institutes can log the credential of their staffs. ProCredEx has developed this system of credential verification using corda blockchain. During the hiring process, it can help to credential verification. For medical institutes and healthcare providers, it an opportunity to monetie their existing credential data.

4. IoT Security:

IoT security is benefited many industry with all sorts of applications but in particular healthcare, connected device can provide real time data. It can provide wearable medical device for patient that delivers data accessible by physician which provide real time monitoring from patients home. This can also help for medical facilities which determine foot traffic, usages and resources through these facilities, it also allow for assignments and smart scheduling. Blockchain provides a platform for protect the medical data.

5. Drug Authentication:

In supply chain industry blockchain has real time ability to accurately and immutably provided records of every step in logistic process. As prescription drugs need high level security to tracking such process through blockchain, meet supply chain compliance and many efficient method. So, blockchain records updates regularly in real time and also immutable.

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