Angular 14: Updates And New Features

3 min readNov 28, 2022



It’s finally time for Angular v14! On June 2, 2022, the Angular community released the brand-new Angular 14. This is how the advances are introduced with the release of Angular 14, from switching to 100% Ivy in the previous edition of Angular 13 to the addition of new primitives in the Angular Component dev kit (CDK).

Numerous other features and bug fixes that were directly submitted by community members are also included in this release. Some of the significant changes in the Angular 13 version were the removal of support for IE11, an upgrade to typescript 4.4, and modifications to the Angular Package Format. Watch what Angular 14 has to offer

Angular13 vs Angular14

The Angular and Typescript developers found the framework challenging compared to others like React when Angular 13 was released. Additionally, the new Route.title function in the Angular router made inserting titles easier in version 13. When adding a title to your page in Angular 14, this does not need to be added for any new imports.

Here are some of the major developments and highlights of Angular 14:

Features of Angular 14

1. Standalone Components streamline Angular

One of the significant developments made possible with the introduction of Angular 14 is this. The process of creating Angular Apps is made considerably simpler and easier with the advent of independent components.

The developer preview of a new method of creating components — one without the NgModule, i.e. Standalone Components — is now available. Standalone components do away with the necessity to use NgModules.

This feature is currently accessible in development preview, which means that it may change before becoming fully stable. The future process of creating Angular Apps may be significantly changed as a result of this modification.

2. The Angular CDK now includes new primitives

A complete set of tools for generating Angular components is offered via the Component Dev Kit (CDK) from Angular. In Angular 14, the CDK Menu and Dialog have been elevated to the stable version!

3. Typed Forms

There are two alternative methods for managing the forms when using Angular. Either the template-driven technique or the reactive approach can be used to develop them.

Only reactive forms are eligible for this brand-new Typed Forms functionality. Form controls, groups, and arrays all contain type-safe values. It enhances the general “ type” safety of the Angular-developed apps.

The new designs allow for a smooth transition to typed forms so you can progressively include typing into your current forms.

4. Streamlined accessibility for page titles

Your page title while creating applications clearly conveys the information on your page. With the introduction of the new Route.title property in the Angular Router in the previous version of Angular 13, adding titles was made easier.

With Angular 14, adding a title to your page no longer necessitates extra imports.


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