Best Features of NODEJS Frameworks for App Development in 2022

Framework was introduced in the year 2014. This latest version 1.4.2 was released in February 2016 under the MIT license.

What are Node.js frameworks?

Every web app technology provides a variety of frameworks, each of which supports a particular use case during the development lifecycle. The three primary categories of Node.js frameworks are MVC, Full-Stack MVC, and REST API frameworks.

MVC framework

These frameworks provide a useful design pattern that divides application functionality into models, views, and controllers — three crucial components. It is quite simple to scale and maintain the app because to the separation of development concerns. A well-known illustration of an MVC framework is Express.js.

REST API frameworks

The Node.js frameworks are well renowned for their ability to let developers create apps more quickly using an established and ready-to-use REST API. As a result, you can stop worrying about how network applications are architecturally designed.

Full-stack MVC frameworks

Full-Stack MVC frameworks provide a lot of scaffolding, libraries, template engines, and other development features while creating a real-time project. They are also capable of handling the front- and back-end development of apps.

The leading Node.js framework is Express.js, sometimes known as Express. It appears to be a traditional and simple framework for coding architecture with a basic approach. It has been referred to be the de facto standard for Node.js under the MIT licence since its official release in 2010. It just requires a fundamental knowledge of the Node.js environment and programming abilities; it does not force you to move farther along the learning curve. It works nicely with Node because of its quick, reliable, and asynchronous architecture.

Koa, one of the most well-known Node.js frameworks, does wonders for building various web services, or APIs. Building these APIs using Koa is a lot of fun and simple since it effectively handles HTTP middleware using a stack-like approach. Furthermore, it constructively normalises Node defects. With this framework, you may maintain distinct representations of the information for visitors with the same URL, such as translating a page, customising content on eCommerce websites, having several formats for photos, and much more.

A Javascript package called is used to create real-time applications and set up two-way communication between web clients and servers. You may create apps with needs for websocket development using this library foundation. Chat programmes like Whatsapp, for instance, run continually for live updates and refresh the background process for messages or updates. Additionally, real-time statistics are provided with less lines of code.

Startup software company Meteor created Meteor.js, an open-source, isomorphic Javascript web framework, which was formally released in 2012. It automatically updates customers’ data without the developer’s involvement. Most notably, it works well with several device operating systems, including Android and iOS for mobile devices and desktop apps, all of which are wrapped in the Javascript language.

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