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What is GO

Golang, a popular programming language, was founded with the objective of creating software that is simple, efficient, and reliable. It’s particularly suitable for projects involving distributed networks, IoT, cloud services, and other complex back-end technologies, where lightweight alternative web frameworks can be used.

Why Choose Golang Programming for Your Web Development

Friendly language:

Golang programming is easy to learn, and developers can write high-quality code for your solution quickly. Native machine code is used in the language.

Easy Cross Compiling:

Golang allows you to cross-compile your program so that it can run on several machines. Go integrates all libraries, dependencies, and modules into a single binary based on the architecture and operating system used in the static linking process.

Increase Speed:

It is extremely quick to type and even faster to compile to machine code. Golang programs are designed for concurrency and can handle multiple tasks at once.


All of them, including Linux, Windows, BSD, Unix, and others, as well as their many versions and devices, are compatible with Golang. This makes cross-platform software development easier and more efficient.

Scalable Projects:

Golang’s flexibility and adaptability help you scale up your project, resulting in excellent results. There is no need to change programming languages if your business expands in the future.

Extensive Libraries:

Developers that use Golang have access to a large library network. These resources can be used to generate unique and attractive features for your software.

Jai Infoway Top Golang Development Services

  • Golang App Development
  • Augmenting Machine Learning and AI Coding with Golang
  • Golang Support and Maintenance
  • Golang Web Development
  • Custom Golang Development
  • Golang Micro-services Development

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Top 5 Best Golang Web Frameworks For Development in 2021

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