Javascript vs Nodejs

javascript vs nodejs


  • Scripts for the website are created using the computer language Javascript.
  • Only browsers are capable of running Javascript.
  • Essentially, it is utilised client-side.
  • Javascript is competent enough to interact with the DOM and add HTML.
  • Any browser engine, such as JS core in Safari and Spidermonkey in Firefox, may run Javascript.
  • Front-end development use Javascript.
  • RamdaJS, TypedJS, and other javascript frameworks are a few examples.
  • It employs the C++-written V8 engine from Chrome, which is an updated version of ECMA script.


  • A Javascript runtime environment is NodeJS.
  • With the aid of NodeJS, Javascript may be executed outside of the browser.
  • The server side is where it is primarily employed.
  • There is no way to add HTML tags using Node.js.
  • The Javascript engine in node is called V8.
  • js that executes Javascript and parses it.
  • In server-side programming, Nodejs is utilised.
  • Lodash, express, and other Node.js modules are a few. Importing these modules from npm is required.
  • Javascript, C, and C++ are used to create Node.js.

Final Word

javascript vs nodejs
javascript vs nodejs



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