Reasons to Build Telemedicine App Development in 2022

The COVID-19 Pandemic has advanced healthcare’s digital transformation at a breakneck pace. This year, 88% of healthcare providers have already engaged in or plan to invest in a telemedicine app. Telemedicine is a term that refers to remote clinical services that are enabled by the use of technology to allow patients and healthcare providers to communicate. It’s a means of providing healthcare services to patients over the web.

Reasons to Build a Telemedicine App in 2022

The first reason to invest in a Telemedicine app is that the Pandemic has transformed the behavior of both patients and medical providers. According to Statista, 60 to 75 % of adults in the United States are willing to use a telemedicine app daily. The post-pandemic healthcare market trends present an excellent chance to invest in a Telemedicine application.

The widespread adoption of Telemedicine apps among patients and medical professionals has led to a significant increase in telemedicine app development investments. The telemedicine market might be worth $175,5 billion by 2026.

They can become more self-sufficient and provide services at their convenience due to the telemedicine app. Apart from lower maintenance expenses, healthcare organizations benefit from increased customer flow because patients don’t have to wait in lines, which speeds up the consultation process.

A telemedicine app can store massive electronic health records (EHRs) for patients, which clinicians can access. 24/7. 75% of doctors and medical professionals agree that electronic health records (EHRs) have improved overall patient involvement by providing superior patient care and eliminating the risk of medication errors.

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