Top 5 Blockchain Protocol That You Should Know

Protocols are critical components of Blockchain technologies that enable information to be shared automatically, safely, and efficiently across cryptocurrency networks. A protocol is a code block that serves as the foundation for networking and security.

Blockchain protocol knows as enterprise protocols govern different parts of blockchain technology.

The responsibility of a blockchain protocol is to maintain and monitor the blockchain security, consensus, and networking aspects.

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Top 5 Blockchain Protocols That You Should Know

The most common Blockchain Protocols that are often used in Blockchain Development Services are listed below.

Hyperledger is an open-source project that helps to develop a set of tools for businesses to deploy Blockchain technologies quickly and effectively. Hyperledger has a high-security blockchain protocol, and Hyperledger Fabric, one of their projects, is extremely popular among businesses.

The Hyperledger protocol’s libraries are designed to help developers create and deploy blockchain applications quickly and efficiently.

MultiChain is an open-source blockchain framework that provides APIs for blockchain development services, allowing for faster integration and implementation.

Enterprises use MultiChain technology to perform financial transactions. It enables the development and deployment of private blockchains within an organization or between two or more organizations.

It enables the creation of multiple key-value and identity databases for time-stamping and data sharing on a blockchain network.

It is an open-source blockchain project created for businesses. To ensure accountability, traceability, and transaction confirmation, the Corda blockchain utilizes consensus algorithms.

The majority of Corda-based implementations have been in the finance and banking industries.

Ethereum is also an open-source and public framework for developing and deploying decentralized applications. Businesses can quickly create large-scale applications to exchange value with Ethereum Enterprise. Enterprise Ethereum has a higher level of privacy, better performance, and scalability.

Quorum is an open-source blockchain protocol that helps businesses in the finance sector. It can be used to build in-house as well as third-party apps.

The three components of the Quorum architecture are the Quorum Node, Constellation Transaction Manager, and Constellation Enclave.

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