Top Flutter App Development Tools to Use in 2021

3 min readSep 29, 2021


Flutter App Development

Flutter is a Google-backed cross-platform software development framework that allows developers to create apps and deploy them across various platforms (including iOS, Android, and others) using a single codebase. With the rapid growth of flutter usage, Mobile App Development Services are expanding at a quicker rate, making it easier to take advantage of the flutter app’s features. Flutter is known for its native-like performance and appearance. The Flutter toolkit includes all of the required frameworks, components, and widgets for replicating the native look and feel of Android and iOS.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile app downloads increased by 23.3 percent.

6 Best Flutter App Development Tools to Use in 2021


Panache is a Flutter Material Theme editor that helps Flutter developers in creating visually appealing Material themes for their apps. You can hire Flutter developers to generate unique and visually attractive materials and themes for your app using Panache. You can save the theme file as a ‘.dart’ file to your Google Drive once you’ve finished designing it with Panache. It is completely free and open-source, and you can access the codes once the coding structure has been completed.


It is Nevercode’s first Flutter-oriented tool, and it can easily integrate with any tool. Codemagic essentially allows developers to deploy their software without having to configure anything. It also allows you to market your software without having to deal with any issues or complications. This tool assists them in examining and launching apps on a large scale when they are being developed. It has a feature that allows you to test and design your app using automation.


Supernova recently released a Flutter support tool that can help any Flutter project start. You may also engage Flutter developers to improve the design, experience, and usability of your Supernova app. Supernova lets you run two Flutter apps simultaneously and make adjustments in real-time. It saves time by allowing you to import and export your Sketch or Adobe XD file to Flutter to update your app’s UI design. Supernova allows you to personalize every component, style, and screen in the application with just a few lines of frontend code. is a popular open-source analytics solution for Flutter Developers that focuses on the privacy and security of your data. You can use this tool to track basic KPI indicators and KPIs that show your app’s growth and success. Push alerts, flags, and A/B testing are just a few of the features available in the paid version. It also improves data security and privacy.


Google’s Firebase is an app development tool that makes it simple and efficient for developers to create and run mobile apps. You may integrate the backend with Firebase by combining Firebase APIs into a single SDK. As backend support for Android apps, this utility is really useful. It provides features such as learning, code authentication, crash reporting, static file hosting, real-time database, and more.

Android Studio:

Flutter app developers would almost certainly utilize Android Studio if you hire them. It’s one of the most widely used Flutter app development tools. Android Studio is a product IDE that allows you to create applications that are responsive, effective, and feature-rich. It eliminates the need to download and install the Android Studio and allows you to design and launch applications on an Android device or emulator.

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