What is Difference Between jQuery and Angular JS

3 min readJan 21, 2023

We use both these codes for faster program execution. But do you know what is the difference between these two? Let us see the difference between these two further in this news post.

What Is Angular.js ?

AngularJS is a light-weighted open-source JavaScript framework| It is used to create MVC (Model-View) based web applications| This framework contains certain components such as directives, filters, and expressions| AngularJS is to be used in HTML, angular.min.js this file is included | This file can also be included online or offline. In single page applications, we show the data from the database to the page and there is no need to refresh the page, it is an application in which we can move from one page to another. To add AngularJS to our web page we <script> use tags in the same way as to add javascript code to our web page. For single-page applications, the AngularJS framework also creates unique interactive features for a real-time experience.

What is JQuery?

jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library. That is, jQuery has been created so that we can easily use JavaScript on our website. With jQuery, we can create many effects and make our website even more attractive and fun. Many common tasks that required long lines of code in JavaScript have been divided into different methods in jQuery, which if needed, we can easily call with single line code, which saves both time and space.

Difference Between jQuery and Angular JS


Angular JS is a powerful javascript based development framework from which we develop web application or rich internet application.

With the help of Angular JS, developers can easily write code for client side applications using JavaScript and that too based on an MVC (model, view, controller) architecture.

Any application written in Angular JS is cross-browser compatible. Angular JS automatically handles javascript code which is suitable for any browser.

Angular JS is an open source code and is completely free. And this code is used by thousands of developers all over the world.

Its license is under Apache License version 2.0. Dependency Injection — Dependency Injection specifies a Design Pattern.

In which components are given their dependency instead of hard coding within the component.


DOM manipulation − Jquery facilitates DOM element selection, traverse them and modify the content of DOM with the help of cross browser open source selector engine (Sizzle).

Event handling − A large variety of events are captured with the help of Jquery. Like a user clicks on a link etc.

AJAX Support − Jquery supports AJAX technology and code so that you can develop many responsive and features rich sites.

Animations — There are many built-in animation effects in Jquery, which you can use in your website and make the website even more dynamic and attractive.

Cross Browser Support − Jquery provides cross browser support and supports almost all standard browsers. Latest Technology — Jquery supports CSS3 selectors and basic Xpath syntax.

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