What is MERN stack and what does it do?

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What-is-MERN-stack-and-what-does it-do-jaiinfoway

MERN Stack?

A group of technologies known as the MERN stack make it possible to construct applications more quickly. Worldwide, developers use it. The fundamental goal of the MERN stack is to create apps that solely use JavaScript. This is due to the fact that all four of the technologies that comprise the technology stack are JS-based. Therefore, the backend, frontend, and database may be operated simply if one is familiar with JavaScript (and JSON).

MERN stack is the recommended framework for building mobile and web applications. With this mix of powerful individual technologies, writing web application scripts is more simpler than with other frameworks. Because it enables you to create customised solutions that are dependent on your needs, modularity is a particularly adaptive feature.

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Full Form MERN Stack


MongoDB is a NoSQL database management system (DBMS) where data is stored as documents with key-value pairs resembling JSON objects. Users can create databases, schemas, and tables using MongoDB. For deleting, querying, and updating records, it offers the Mongo shell, which has a JS interface.


A NodeJS framework called ExpressJS makes it easier to write backend code. You can avoid making additional Node modules because of that. ExpressJS provides a variety of middleware for maintaining the code’s accuracy.


A JS package called ReactJS enables the creation of user interfaces for mobile apps and SPAs. It enables you to create UI components and code JavaScript. The JS library performs every action using virtual DOM.


Users can run code on the server using NodeJS, an open-source JavaScript runtime environment. The node package manager, often known as npm, is included, allowing users to choose from a large number of node modules or packages. Node’s use of the Chrome JavaScript Engine makes it possible for speedier code execution.

Components of the MERN Stack

The MERN stack consists of four parts. Let’s talk about each of them individually.

MongoDB, a NoSQL database management system, is the first element.

ExpressJS is the second element of the MERN stack. It is a framework for NodeJS-based backend web applications.

ReactJS, a JavaScript toolkit for creating UIs based on UI components, is the third component.

NodeJS is the last element of the MERN stack. It is a JS runtime environment, allowing JavaScript code to be executed outside of a browser.

What-is-MERN-stack-and-what-does it-do-jaiinfoway
What-is-MERN-stack-and-what-does it-do-jaiinfoway
What-is-MERN-stack-and-what-does it-do-jaiinfoway

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