What is Node.js and Why You Should Use Node.js as Your Backend 2022

Node.js is a cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment for backend servers and desktop apps that is lightweight, fast, and efficient. It’s free and allows developers to create command-line tools and server-side scripts without having to leave their browser. Node.js may be used on a variety of systems, including Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X. The correct languages, tools, and platforms can influence a variety of aspects of an app’s future functionality, from the ease of development to performance and efficiency. It uses an event-driven I/O mechanism, which is extremely efficient and allows for the creation of scalable network applications.

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Applications Of Node.js

  • Node.js is well-suited to handling real-time communication due to its single-threaded asynchronous nature. It is frequently utilized in the development of chatbots because of its scalability.
  • Both the frontend and backend of websites use JavaScript. As a result, utilizing Node.js, a server may simply communicate with the frontend using REST APIs.
  • The entire application is loaded on a single page in SPAs. The event loop in Node.js comes to the rescue here, as it handles requests in a non-blocking manner.

Why Use Node.js for Development

Instead of using multi-threading, Node.js processes requests using single-threading. It helps in the reduction of both computation speed and storage space. Because Node.js is non-blocking and provides async functions, it can handle several tasks at the same time.

WebSockets, which allow two-way communication between clients and servers, make it simple to construct real-time applications with Node.js. With Node.js, you can create game apps and chatbots. Real-time apps are simple to construct when using a framework like a Socket. IO.

The term “streaming” refers to transferring huge volumes of data in small batches rather than in one large batch. When it comes to managing I/O requests, Node.js wins. It can stream data at a high level. It can also be used to create software for a variety of platforms, regardless of the operating system. It is possible to transcode audio and video files while they are being uploaded.

As an open-source project, Node.js invites contributions and support aimed at advancing the platform’s development and adoption. It is backed by a big development community that is continually working to improve it. Node.js is supported on Github, making it extremely simple and quick to develop and maintain the framework.

Because Node.js is open-source, the Node Package Manager (NPM) allows packages from various environments to work together with the existing environment. Smaller open-source software packages can be installed, updated, and used by developers. They don’t have to code common features from the start, and they can avoid adding new complex layers that are prevalent in that domain.

It gives apps a lot of scalabilities. Node.js is ideal for systems that use the microservices architecture or containers to gain rapid scalability and flexibility. It makes use of a non-blocking event-loop system that offers high scalability and allows the server to reply fast to requests.


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