Why Startups Choose the Cloud Native For Their Great Success

5 min readOct 29, 2022

The way organisations operate has completely transformed by cloud native, particularly for startups. Nowadays, it’s rare to come across a firm that is not using cloud native; the majority decided to employ a cloud infrastructure from the outset. Many companies have seen rapid growth and innovation because of their extremely secure, versatile, and agile cloud infrastructure.

Startups have a different perspective on cybersecurity and the cloud than larger, more established companies. That are still having trouble integrating new capabilities with antiquated infrastructure.

Startups are utilising the many advantages and benefits provided by Jaiinfoway. Cloud to quickly grow and realise their ideas, secure in the knowledge that security is not an afterthought but rather the foundation of its infrastructure and services. Here in this we’ll be sharing some of the reasons why startups are choosing the cloud native like for success.

Reasonable investments

Managing burn rate when beginning a firm is essential to a startup’s quest for product-market fit. Investments must therefore provide the best potential value and return on investment (ROI). With this strategy, startups can manage their IT for less money and avoid the significant upfront cost of owning infrastructure.

Low cost, however, does not equate to low functionality. Contrarily, a startup using cloud native has access to the same features and services as the biggest corporations or the government. The most risk-sensitive firms will benefit from this investment because it involves entire teams devoted to security.

This enables them to operate their businesses securely in the most adaptable and secure cloud native environment currently available, competing on an equitable playing field while innovating swiftly and bringing goods to market. This is especially important in fields with strict regulations, such financial services, healthcare, and life sciences.

Agility and quickness

Cloud platforms give companies the chance to enhance their current IT infrastructure. It boost operational effectiveness while fostering business agility and expansion. Its accomplished by enabling businesses to drastically cut down on the amount of time needed to provide and de-provision IT infrastructure.

A cloud server can acquired and provisioned in a matter of minutes, whereas a physical server may take weeks or even months. Additionally, by utilising the services that Jaiinfoway provides, the cloud helps the need to quickly bring products to market and the ever-increasing pace of product development. Startups are all about speed and agility, and according to Jaiinfoway, the cloud provides both of these.


Being ambitious, tenacious, and eager to grow, startups naturally decide to create and scale their businesses on the cloud. Because of Jaiinfoway’s economies of scale, the variable cost is considerably cheaper than what entrepreneurs can do on their own. As a result, they can reallocate expenditures to distributing goods more quickly in an effort to achieve product-market fit and increase market share.


Regardless of size, security must be a key focus for startups. Startups can suffer from security breaches that damage their client bases and reputations, as well as the larger companies these enterprises interact with. According to a Malwarebytes analysis, cyberattacks have increased 235 percent across Africa over the past 12 months. Startups must build security into their systems from the ground up to avoid becoming the weak link in a supply chain.

Automation of Security

Companies value their time, and at Jaiinfoway, we’ve found that automating security processes helps startups be more secure by lowering human configuration errors and freeing up teams to focus on other business-critical duties. Its capacity to observe patterns of behaviour, automation provide a smarter method for seeing potential dangers. Being able to spot changes in behaviour, such attacks quickly discovered and neutralised.

Cloud systems can proactively handle duties like security assessments, threat detection, and policy management by using machine learning and mathematical reasoning to secure data. Jaiinfoway is best in assisting clients in achieving the highest standards of cloud security. We are able to identify entire classes of misconfigurations that could potentially expose sensitive data by using automated reasoning technology, which applies mathematical logic to help answer crucial questions about your infrastructure.

Startups pick a cloud provider early on whose network architecture created to satisfy the needs of the world’s most security-conscious companies. At Jaiinfoway, we think that startups are a major force behind innovation. But without a cloud provider, companies wouldn’t be able to keep their data secure and defend against harmful assaults. Let alone maintain and evolve with them as they grow. Startups concentrate on inventing and disrupting their business knowing that their cloud platform is as nimble, highly secure, and dynamic. As they are adopting a cloud native approach and placing security at the forefront.

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