Zero-Knowledge Proof in Blockchain

What is Zero-Knowledge Proofs(ZKP)

Zero-knowledge Proof is an encryption scheme proposed by MIT researchers. It is a digital protocol that allows for data to be shared between two parties without the use of a password or any other information associated with the transaction.

It is a type of cryptography that keeps the details of a transaction hidden.

Each transaction has a ‘verifier’ and a ‘prover’. In a transaction using ZKPs, the prover attempts to prove something to the verifier without telling the verifier anything else about that thing.

Benefits of Zero-Knowledge Proofs:

  • It is simple to use & does not involve any complex encryption method.
  • It does not require anyone to reveal any sort of information
  • The messages delivered might be destroyed or modified.
  • It should reveal nothing else to the verifier.
  • It ensures the validity of blockchains.

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Where to Implement Zero-Knowledge Proof in Blockchain System?

  • Messaging: With the Zero Knowledge Proof, will be able to build an end-to-end trust in the messaging world without leaking any extra information.
  • Authentication: ZKP facilitates transmitting sensitive information like authentication information with better security as It build a secure channel for the users to employ their information without revealing it.
  • Sending Private Blockchain Transactions: It helps in making it impossible to hack or intercept the private blockchain transactions.
  • Security for Sensitive Information: ZKP adds a high-end security level to every block containing sensitive information & when a user requests for information then only information gets disclosed thus making it protected.

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